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KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector

KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector

KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector

Model AP01

Now you can supplement your heating requirement by simply using the energy from the sun. The KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector will provide you with free, clean energy and has no operation costs. It produces zero emissions and can reduce tonnes of carbon emissions annually. It will supplement your current heating system and reduce your heating costs substantially. The KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector has a pay back period of 2-5 years.

The KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector is completely self-sufficient, does not require any electrical wiring and uses the power of the sun to generate heat. A solar powered fan is used to distribute the hot air into the desired area. The KOZI Solar Hot Air Collector is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance.

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KOZI Hot Air Solar Collector

  Clean Energy System
  Requires No Electricity
  Minimal Maintenance
  No Emission
  100% Solar Powered
  Simple to Install
  2 to 5 Year Payback
  Twin wall polycarbonate glazing
  Built in fan with a photovoltaic panel
  Aluminum absorber plate for maximum heat
  Unique heat transfer collector system
  Higher temperature absorber paint
  Wall thermostat capable (optional)
  High quality thermal insulation foam encases the collector to reduce heat losses.
  Use of back draft dampers to prevent reverse-thermosiphoning

AP01 Kit Includes:
  Solar Hot Air Collector (1)
  Inlet Ductwork (1)
  Outlet Ductwork (1)
  Wall Mounting Brackets (2)
  Vent Cover (2)
  Weather Stripping
  Draft Blocker (1)

  Manual (pdf)
  Brochure (pdf)

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